35 Reasons to Question Industrial Wind Power

Did you know or have you learned:

  1. that wind farms make people sick?
  2. that infrasound from wind farms makes people sick?
  3. that people living kilometres away from a wind farm are affected because of them?
  4. anything positive about Dr. Nina Pierpont’s wind-related work?
  5. that Wind Turbine Syndrome is a real medical condition?
  6. that wind turbines cause Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD)?
  7. that wind turbines are the same as military and police acoustic weapons?
  8. that shadow flicker causes epileptic seizures?
  9. that the World Health Organization has stated that wind turbines make people sick?
  10. anything positive about Australian Sarah Laurie’s or the Waubra Foundation’s wind-related efforts?
  11. that there are dozens or hundreds of ‘wind farm refugees’ who have had to leave their homes?
  12. that wind farms reduce property values?
  13. that wind farms require 100% backup?
  14. that the variability of the wind makes wind energy useless?
  15. that there are other wind generation technologies instead of the iconic three-blade turbines that are better and should be built instead?
  16. that wind turbines barely produce any electricity because they require so much to start, heat or cool?
  17. that wind energy shouldn’t be built at all, but one of nuclear energy, thorium nuclear energy, wave energy, tidal energy or geothermal should be built instead?
  18. that wind farms wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for subsidies?
  19. that wind energy is a scam or fraud?
  20. that wind farms actually contribute to global warming?
  21. that wind farms don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions e.g. carbon dioxide?
  22. that wind farms damage ground water?
  23. that wind farms cause fires?
  24. that wind farms kill large numbers of birds?
  25. anything positive about Mark Duchamp’s or his various organizations’ — WCFN, STEI, EPAW — efforts related to wind energy?
  26. anything positive about Wind Concerns Ontario or Ontario Wind Resistance?
  27. anything positive about the Stop These Things site, Alan Jones’, Nick Xenophon’s or John Madigan’s efforts around wind energy?
  28. that wind turbines kill lots of bats?
  29. that wind turbines harm horses, cattle, goats, ostriches, mink or other farmed animals?
  30. that you should watch any of the documentaries Wind Fall, Con with the Wind or Wind Rush?
  31. that wind farms take up lots of land?
  32. that wind turbines are ugly?
  33. that wind farms don’t create rural and local jobs?
  34. that wind farm consultation processes were tightly controlled to eliminate any negative information?
  35. that there are gag orders in leasing contracts for land for wind turbines?

[source: Barnard on Wind]


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