Simon Chapman, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia

‘Since I began writing and speaking about wind turbines and health in 2010, it has become common for those who do not agree with me to say or insinuate that I am somehow being paid by the wind industry or agencies acting for it. This is completely untrue and I have said this repeatedly to journalists and interviewers whenever the question has been asked. Those who continue to make this claim, particularly from the supposed protection of anonymity, are either ignorant about my lack of competing interests or are knowingly lying.

‘I, nor anyone acting for me, have ever sought or received any research funding, “unrestricted educational grants”, hospitality, or shares or any other consideration from any wind energy company or agent acting for them. [Freudian slip? Presumably he meant ‘Neither I’ or ‘never’. Or did he?]

‘I have a tenured academic personal chair in public health at the University of Sydney where I have worked continuously since 1986. My salary is paid for entirely [by] the University where I have teaching, research and research scholar supervision responsibilities.’

(; created 23 March 2013, accessed 2 February 2014)

Yet …

Chapman spoke at the New Zealand Wind Energy Conference, 3 April, 2012.


‘In late 2012 Simon Chapman was remunerated by lawyers acting for Infigen energy for providing an expert report on psychogenic aspects of wind farm noise complaints for possible use in a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing.’


Chapman spoke at a Community Consultative Committee meeting for AGL Energy.


Chapman spoke at the launch of Vestas’ Act on Facts campaign.


Chapman was invited to speak by the European Wind Energy Association at its 2nd wind turbine sound workshop, 9 December, 2014.


And …

Fellows of Senate, University of Sydney, with ties to the wind energy industry:


  • Belinda Jane Hutchinson, chancellor: chairman of QBE Insurance Group; director of AGL Energy
  • Alan Cameron, deputy chancellor: chairman of Hastings Funds Management and Westpac; consultant to Ashurst Australia
  • Kevin McCann: chairman of Allens Arthur Robinson and Origin Energy; lead independent director, Macquarie Bank and Macquarie Group; director of BlueScope Steel
  • David Mortimer: chairman of Leighton Holdings, director of Intoll Management Limited (previously Macquarie Infrastructure Management)
  • also Catriona Menzies-Pike: arts editor of The Conversation (seemingly unquestioning publisher of articles by Simon Chapman); previously managing editor of New Matilda (seemingly unquestioning publisher of articles by Ketan Joshi of Infigen Energy)

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