Wind power opponents’ barn burned down

Last Friday morning (Aug. 13) around 6 a.m., Don and Shirley Nelson of Lowell (Vt.) noticed their barn was on fire. Shirley took some excellent photos, don’t know how she managed to have the wits to do it. The first photo, taken previously, shows how close the barn was to their house. It was all gone in less than 30 minutes. Arson is suspected, and while it is possible it was set as a result of animosities created by the GMP Lowell wind project, there are other possibilities that are being checked out, so the fire is still under investigation. You can see the ridgeline proposed for the wind turbines in the background, it’s about 4500 feet from the Nelson’s house. We are grateful that Don and Shirley are okay, very sad they have to go through this. Ironically, Friday was the intervention deadline for the PSB proceeding in the Lowell wind case.


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