The Politics of Peat: Lessons from the Derrybrien Landslide

This video accompanies a report, The Politics of Peat, published by the Scottish Wind Assessment Project. It makes available news reports by Jim Fahy of Radio Telefis Éireann covering the Derrybrien bog slide of 16 October 2003 and subsequent events. Note that the first 2.5 minutes are silent.

The incident, caused by the developer and contractor of a 71-turbine wind-power project, led to the widespread pollution of important European conservation areas and the death of 50,000 fish, including protected species.

The material on this video is © 2003 Radio Telefis Éireann and licenced for limited distribution. No reproduction is allowed without the permission of RTÉ or, where appropriate, SWAP.  Under “fair use”/”fair dealing” provisions of copyright law, it is provided here at small size as an educational resource for individuals seeking it. Running time: approx. 16 minutes.


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